Youth and Pre-K Music Classes

At Create More Music, we believe in the power of music to inspire, nurture, and shape young minds. Our youth and Pre-K music classes are designed to provide a fun and engaging environment where children can explore the world of music, develop their musical skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for music.

Music Classes For Children

Music classes for young children are a great way to help build fine motor skills, cognitive development, enhance communication skills, and build healthy social skills, too! Children who learn music show better patience and resilience, and build better mental health, self-awareness and prioritization skills. Learning sounds, beats, and rhythms can help in all areas of life, including academic subjects like math and language arts to social and listening skills. Introducing music to young children is a perfect way to set them up for success throughout their childhood.

Youth And Pre-K Music Classes

In Pre-K music classes, children can focus on a variety of concepts and subjects that are fun, engaging, and age appropriate. Activities can include singing, creative movement and dancing, clapping, tapping, and using simple instruments to play along. Along with developing listening skills, kids can learn the basics of beats and rhythms, the fundamental component to all modern music. Often shakers, tambourines, and various kids’ percussion instruments can be used to illustrate ideas and engage the kids further. Additional items like kazoos, recorders, or whistles can be part of the curriculum, while employing strict cleanliness protocols to prevent transmission of germs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer preschool classes for infants and  toddlers.
The instructor will provide anywhere from 10-30 minutes of instruction and activity in every classroom, depending on the class age and size.
Schools/organizations are required to provide instruments or have the students purchase instruments.
We’re happy to organize a performance for your students and organization. *Additional fees may apply based on equipment needs.
If classes are canceled due to weather or school closings, you will be provided a makeup session for the canceled class.
Create More Music will provide a substitute instructor should the teacher have to miss a class for any reason.
Yes! Teachers who teach Pre-K music classes for infants and toddlers come with plenty of experience in working with small children!
The purpose of these classes is to expose children to music, provoke imagination, inspire creativity, and have fun!

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Music And Life Skills For Children

As toddlers, children are building critical thinking skills and forming synapses rapidly. Learning music is proven to sharpen mental acuity and those who had music lessons as a child show an average IQ of 10 points higher that those who never studied music. Learning music as a child leads to higher test scores and better mental health. Starting early is a great way to help children develop both social and academic skills that will ensure success in school and work later in life.

Increased IQ

Higher Test Scores

Show better patience and resilience

Build better self-awareness

Build better prioritization skills

Are more self-motivated

Build self-confidence

Learning music is a perfect way to build confidence by overcoming challenges and reaching goals.

Improve communication skills

Music is a language and requires listening, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, and using vocabulary.

Sharpen mental acuity

Playing music uses key brain functions, keeps us mentally sharp, and works our mind like a muscle.

Delay cognitive decline

Music has been proven to help us maintain peak mental sharpness and delay cognitive decline.

Make friends

Playing music is a great way to make friends, play together, and get to know like minded people.

Have fun!

Playing music releases chemicals in the brain that make us happy! Have fun and play the songs you love.

Benefits Of Music Classes For Toddlers

The benefits of learning music are well documented. Those involved in music lessons as small children develop better self-confidence and self-assuredness, have higher IQ and test scores, better communication and fine motor skills, and better overall mental health.
Tailored for Young Learners Our classes are specifically designed with the unique needs and developmental stages of youth, toddlers, and Pre-K children in mind. We create a safe and supportive space that encourages creativity, imagination, and self-expression through music.
Fun and Engaging Activities We know that young children learn best through play. Our classes incorporate a variety of interactive and age-appropriate music activities, such as singing, dancing, rhythm games, and instrument exploration. These activities foster a love for music while promoting cognitive, physical, and social development.
Building Musical Foundations Our youth and Pre-K music classes lay a solid foundation for future musical pursuits. Children will be introduced to basic musical concepts, such as rhythm, melody, pitch, and dynamics, in a fun and accessible way. These classes help develop essential musical skills, including listening, singing, and basic instrument exploration.
Fostering Creativity and Confidence Our classes inspire young minds to be creative and express themselves through music. We encourage children to explore their own musical ideas, improvise, and develop their unique musical voice. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, we aim to build confidence and self-esteem in every young musician.

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