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Create More Music is a mission and purpose driven organization that aligns exceptional, professional music educators with the students who need them.

A Better Way to Teach Music: Purpose Driven. Tech Powered. Human Led.

This brand is built with love, and delivers success. We’re dedicated to helping teachers, creating more opportunities, being a teacher centric company 

Create More Music is on a mission to democratize access to quality music education for families and children, accelerate music and scholastic achievement, and inspire students to manifest and reach their goals, while supporting the community of educators and creating more opportunities beyond just the scope of teaching private music lessons.

Music Lessons Made For You

Our team of experienced, award-winning teachers is dedicated to delivering access to exceptional music instruction. We believe in fostering a nurturing and inspiring learning environment where students of all ages and skill levels can thrive. Whether you’re a young aspiring musician or an adult looking to rediscover your musical talents, we are here to support you on your musical journey.
What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring our lessons to the unique needs and goals of each student. We understand that every individual has their own musical aspirations and learning style. That’s why our instructors work closely with students to develop personalized lesson plans that ensure progress and foster a deep appreciation for music and the learning process.

Create More Music offers a comprehensive range of music lessons spanning various instruments and musical disciplines. From classical piano to electric guitar, vocal training to percussion, we cover it all. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge, expertise, and love for music, ensuring that each student receives the highest quality of instruction.

A Community Of Music Teachers With One Mission

Create More Music helps teachers build a more successful teaching practice with professional benefits, multi-sourced work and growth opportunities, and key administrative support. 

Families and students

Musicians And Educators

Schools And Community Centers

Meet Faiza

Faiza Alam is Executive Director at Create More Music. She holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree with a concentration in classical guitar, and a Masters of Business degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, from George Mason University. A mother, spouse, parent, teacher, and business owner and executive, Faiza wears many hats. Music has always played an important role in her life, and she is deeply committed to positively impacting lives through music and music education. 

Faiza Alam began her career in music as a professional musician, performer, and teacher. As a result of her incredible success working with private students over the years, in 2014, Faiza partnered with other George Mason University School of Music alumni and founded Create More Music. 

Our Story: A Passion for Teaching Music

Create More Music was founded in 2014 by dedicated musicians who wanted to help facilitate fun and productive music lessons by qualified music teachers, and build a community dedicated to helping professional musicians grow their careers.   

A benevolent cause with few resources, their savvy business ingenuity paid off, as Create more became a leading organization in their local space only a few short years after inception. Faiza and her partners’ passion for music education grew as they began to partner with more and more music teachers who shared their vision and aligned with their goals, and soon their team began working with many communities across the entire Northern Virginia area. 

Today, Create More Music services many communities well beyond Virginia, and aims to be in the forefront of innovation by not only delivering access to quality music instruction from experienced, award-winning teachers, but also creating more opportunities for our partnering teachers by providing them with perks and professional benefits, scholarships opportunities and more.

What They Say

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Where We’re Going

We’re on path to become the most desirable, teacher-centric music education organization that creates industry benchmarks for quality, supports educators nationwide with reward systems, perks, and comprehensive professional benefits, and provides opportunities for the advancement of arts in education.

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