Online Music Master Classes

Unique group music master classes exploring a variety of topics and subjects at a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

Online Music Master Classes

Online group music classes are topically oriented group music classes focusing on specific concepts or topics like songwriting, improvisation or building repertoire. Join a live music master class with students from all over the world, and work with a dynamic instructor who will guide you through the interesting nuances of making music. Group master classes are open to beginners, advanced students, and students of all skill levels. Ask questions, get feedback, and enjoy the experience at a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

Group Classes at a Glance

Work with an expert to dive deeper into specific topics of interest. Get your questions answered and have fun building skills.

Learn How to Improvise

Learning to improvise is a fun skill that requires practice, along with an understanding of music theory, chord structures, and tonal relationships. Learn the basics of blues and jazz improvisation, and even rock or contemporary soloing and accompaniment.

Learn Fundamentals of Songwriting

Like improvisation, songwriting also requires a deep understanding of chord structures, tonal relationships, and music theory. Start writing music and using simple compositional techniques by studying popular songs.

Learn Songs and Build Repertoire

Building repertoire is a quick way to gain skills and develop musicianship. Learn common chord progressions that make up 90% of the contemporary music we listen to, as well as examples of popular songs in a veriety of genres.

Upcoming Master Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the class you wish to attend and select “Buy Tickets” to register. Follow the prompt to select the desired number of tickets and submit payment details.
No. Online classes do not require a special setup in order for you to take part. You just need your instrument, your internet connection, and your device.
At 24hrs, 2hrs, and 10min prior to the class day/time, you will receive emails with a Zoom link and Meeting Room details. At the day/time of the class, simply click the Meeting Room link and the instructor will admit entry into the virtual classroom.
Be respectful of the teacher as well as your classmates. Do not interrupt. Be respectful of others’ opinions and feelings, even if they differ from your own. This is an environment free from religious or political discourse. Please, do not post or share (even privately) inappropriate material or ask any personal, private questions. Be mindful of your background and your camera view.
No. It is not required for students to have any materials, assignments, or music prepared. You may wish to prepare some questions or discussion topics relevant to the subject matter if you wish.
There may be assignments given to students, with the intent to incentivize practice and provoke thought after the class. Assignments will not be due nor graded by the teacher.
Yes! If you would like a copy of the class, you may purchase a ticket bundle that includes a class seat and a recording to be sent afterward. Attendance is required in order to receive the class recording.
Generally, yes! If you had a great experience and wish to schedule private lessons with the teacher, simply reach out to us and let us know. We can help facilitate and get you scheduled!

Music Teachers Committed To Your Success

Fun, friendly, award-winning teachers

Benefits of Group Music Master Classes

Group music classes have unique benefits that private lessons often miss. Group classes are far less expensive, at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. Plus, the interaction with a live teacher is far better than any pre-recorded video can match.

Learn Music With Others

Working with a group of students that share similar interests is a great way to meet like-minded people. Peers often have questions that can initiate deeper discussions that cover a wide scope of interesting subject matter.

Get Comfortable With Online Learning

Group classes are a perfect way to experience online music classes with skilled & passionate teachers without committing to private lessons online. Online master classes are inexpensive and can be attended individually without any committment.

Gift Online Classes With Promo Codes

Online group lessons are the perfect gift for the musician in your life if you’re interested in gifting music instruction but avoid the cost of private lessons. Purchase a single or group of promo codes that can be used on any classes with no blackout dates.

Increased IQ

Higher Test Scores

Show better patience and resilience

Build better self-awareness

Build better prioritization skills

Are more self-motivated

Build self-confidence

Learning music is a perfect way to build confidence by overcoming challenges and reaching goals.

Improve communication skills

Music is a language and requires listening, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, and using vocabulary.

Sharpen mental acuity

Playing music uses key brain functions, keeps us mentally sharp, and works our mind like a muscle.

Delay cognitive decline

Music has been proven to help us maintain peak mental sharpness and delay cognitive decline.

Make friends

Playing music is a great way to make friends, play together, and get to know like minded people.

Have fun!

Playing music releases chemicals in the brain that make us happy! Have fun and play the songs you love.

What They Say

Don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying.

Requirements for Music Master Classes

The requirements of each master class may differ depending on the instrument and/or topic. A strong internet connection is critical, preferably ethernet or high speed wifi. A quality camera and mic, either built in or independent, will help with the best experience.

Be Prepared With Your Instrument

Classes that focus on piano principles or songwriting with the piano will obviously require the use of a piano or keyboard. Similarly, classes that focus on guitar will require the student to have the guitar set up and ready to play.

Beginner Students and Advanced Welcome

Some classes may be perfect for beginners while others may be better suited for intermediate or advanced learners. Many classes are perfect for all levels. Visit the class details page to learn more about any specific skills requirements.

Online Classes Are Open To Everyone

It is not required to be a student of Create More Music student in order to take advantage of the online group master classes. Whether a current student, a prospective student, or if you just want some extra help, classes are open to all who wish to join.

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