Private In-Home & Online Guitar Lessons

Private in-home and online guitar lessons for students of all levels with the most amazing teachers.

Private Guitar Lessons

Experience private lessons for students of all ages and skill levels in a fun and inviting environment, tailored to your goals and learning style. Explore a variety of genres from classical to contemporary, including blues, rock, and jazz. Learn guitar techniques like fingerpicking, strumming, improvisation, and more. Work one-on-one with a professional musician and educator to develop skills with individually tailored lesson plans that meet your needs, interests and ambition so you can focus on your craft and have fun.


Best In-Home Guitar Lessons

Experience the best in-home guitar lessons with knowledgeable and passionate instructors, designed to help you reach your musical goals through a customized curriculum in a friendly and familiar atmosphere


Best Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons offer unmatched convenience, available anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Take advantage of award-winning teachers, personalized instruction for students of all skill levels, interactive learning tools, and flexible scheduling options.


Private Guitar Teachers

Create More Music works with deeply passionate, university-trained guitar teachers that are fun, friendly, motivating, and dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience. They create personalized lesson plans to help students actualize and accomplish their goals.


Learn to Play Guitar

Learning to play guitar can improve cognitive skills, boost self-confidence, and be a great channel for self-expression. Learning to play guitar can also further develop coordination skills, be a form of stress-relief, and foster socialization with others who share the same interest.

How It Works

Scheduling music lessons is easy. Just reach out, choose your best option, and let’s get started for free.
Reach out by webform, phone, email or text. We’ll gather some info about your needs and preferences.
Choose what option(s) work best for you. We’ll share background info about teachers and availability.
We’ll book your first lesson on the house. No obligation!

Convenient Scheduling Plans

Schedule lessons in 30min, 45min, or 60min+ increments. Book weekly, or get a hefty discount for longer commitments. Add a sibling for an even deeper discount!
  • Individual

  • Periodic Scheduling
    • No commitment
    • Ultimate flexibility
    • No pricing discounts
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  • Monthly

  • Reserve the month
    • Reserve weekly lessons
    • Billed monthly 
    • Slight discount & some perks
  • Quarterly

  • Reserve the quarter
    • Reserve weekly lessons
    • Billed quarterly 
    • Major discounts & bonuses

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Music Teachers Committed To Your Success

Fun, friendly, award-winning teachers

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Childrens guitar lessons can introduce kids to the world of music and help them develop important skills such as coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. Experienced guitar teachers adapt lessons to a child’s age and learning style in a fun and engaging way.


Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Guitar lessons for beginners are designed to help you learn the basics of guitar playing, including chords, strumming patterns, and basic music theory. Experienced teachers use customized curriculum to make the learning process fun and engaging for students.


Guitar Lessons for Adults

Adult guitar lessons are tailored to the student’s skill level and goals and can focus on building technique, learning songs, and developing a personal style. It’s never too late to learn the guitar and lessons are proven to sharpen mental acuity and delay cognitive decline.


Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced guitar lessons focus on complex techniques, theory, improvisation, composition, and advanced playing styles. They challenge and develop a player’s skills and aim to refine tone, finger dexterity, and musical expression and interpretation.

Increased IQ

Higher Test Scores

Show better patience and resilience

Build better self-awareness

Build better prioritization skills

Are more self-motivated

Build self-confidence

Learning music is a perfect way to build confidence by overcoming challenges and reaching goals.

Improve communication skills

Music is a language and requires listening, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, and using vocabulary.

Sharpen mental acuity

Playing music uses key brain functions, keeps us mentally sharp, and works our mind like a muscle.

Delay cognitive decline

Music has been proven to help us maintain peak mental sharpness and delay cognitive decline.

Make friends

Playing music is a great way to make friends, play together, and get to know like minded people.

Have fun!

Playing music releases chemicals in the brain that make us happy! Have fun and play the songs you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The trial lesson is completely free of charge. It is an opportunity to meet the instructor and see if it might be a good fit and an opportunity for the instructor to do an assessment to determine the best teaching method for the student.
Yes! We offer two recital performance opportunities throughout the year – in the spring and winter.
Yes. Whether you’re doing in-home or online lessons, students need an instrument at their home to practice with. Instruments are not provided, and students are responsible for purchasing instruments, books and materials needed for lessons. We can help provide some suggestions, if needed!
Musical learning can begin at any age! Lesson can be productive for children as young as toddlers 4 or 5 years old depending on their physical capabilities, and it’s never too late to learn an instrument or start singing!
Our biggest priority is your success. If you’re not happy with the teacher for any reason, please let us know.  We can absolutely make a change and find a solution you’re happy with.
In order for a lesson to be eligible for rescheduling, we do require cancellation notice before 5pm the day prior. Failing sufficient notice, the lesson will be forfeited.
We accept major credit or debit cards, and all services are set up for automatic payment. Your preferred payment method can be managed on our client portal. Teachers do not accept payment for lessons.
Yes! We do have a sibling discount and offer $5 off each lesson for siblings.

Guitar Curriculum and Methods

Guitar curriculum and methods typically include elements like basic chords, scales, music theory, reading music, fingerpicking and strumming. Methodologies can include classical, fingerstyle, or popular music-based approaches such as reading tablature and chord charts.


Guitar Teaching Philosophy

A good foundation in music is paramount to strong development. Using traditional and contemporary learning methods, students can learn to read music, play the songs they know and love, and understand key musical concepts while emphasizing creativity and songwriting.


Guitar Styles and Genres

Guitar styles include classical, flamenco, jazz, blues, rock, metal, country, folk, and more. Each style has unique techniques, chord progressions, and tone characteristics that distinguish it from others. Guitarists often blend elements of various styles to create their own personal sound.


History of Learning Guitar

Early versions of the guitar date back to ancient civilizations. The guitar became popularized in the 20th century with the rise of blues, jazz and rock’n’roll. Guitar lessons can be found in schools, music stores, in-home, and online, catering to learners of all ages and skill levels.


Different Types of Guitar

There are many types of guitars, including acoustic, electric, classical, archtop, flamenco, steel-string, twelve-string. Each type is designed for specific styles of music, has distinct tonal characteristics, requires different playing techniques, and can come in various shapes/sizes.

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