The 12 Instruments Of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! It’s that time of the year again, time to bring out all the decor and lights and spread Christmas spirit and festivities. As we are nearing the month of December, let us focus on something a little new this year and learn about the most popular instruments of Christmas. 
1. Carillon

Carillon is a pitch percussion instrument that is usually played with a keyboard. It consists of about 23-72 cast bronze bells and was invented around the 14th century. A carillon has been a staple instrument for many Christmas songs since then.

2. Celesta/Celeste

Also known as the bell-piano, celesta is a type of struck idiophone that is operated by a keyboard. It has an airy timbre which gives the instrument a mysterious sound yet very pleasing to the ears. 

3. Chimes
Another instrument that should be included in the instruments of Christmas is the chimes. It is a percussion instrument that has been a part of many musical pieces. The most popular Christmas music with chimes is the “Carol of the Bells”.

4. Handbells

If you are looking for a musical instrument that will give the Christmas season a festive atmosphere, then a handbell is the right instrument for you. While it is used in many religious and cultural practices around the globe, handbells also signal the start of a Christmas ensemble on a Christmas eve. 

5. Lute
A lute is a classic musical instrument that is plucked like a guitar. It is characterized by a deep round back and a distinct neck. It was first introduced during the Renaissance but gained more popularity in many English folk songs especially in the Christmas song entitled “What Child Is This?”

6. Organ
The list of Christmas instruments isn’t complete without an organ on it. Though an organ is used in many musical pieces, more people fell in love with this instrument when used around Christmas time. There is something about hearing Christmas carols being played on an organ that makes the season more festive. 

7. Piccolo trumpet
A piccolo trumpet is the smallest instrument in the trumpet family, with a pitch of an octave higher than the standard B trumpet. It may be small, but the effect it gives on a Christmas musical piece is impressive and lovely. 

8. Schoenhut piano

The Schoenhut piano is a small piano that is often marketed as a musical toy for kids. However, despite its size, a Schoenhut piano offers a wonderful sound that adds childlike innocence to many Christmas carols. The most popular Christmas music with a Schoenhut piano arrangement is the “Silent Night”.

9. Slapstick
Also known as a clapper, a slapstick is a percussion instrument that is characterized by two wooden boards that are joined at the one end by a hinge. When the instrument is shook, striking both boards, a sound is produced similar to a crack of a whip.

10. Sleigh bells
If you love the song “Jingle Bells”, then you must have also heard of the musical instrument sleigh bells. It is a shaken-rattle idiophone which originated from Europe. Sleigh bells may be tiny bells, but when played in large numbers, they can create a distinctive sound that is fun and lively to hear. 

11. Snare drum
Another musical instrument that you might be very familiar with is the snare drum. It is played in many areas of the world and on different occasions. Snare drum is another instrument played for Christmas. Remember the Christmas song “Little Drummer Boy”?

12. Your voice
Every musical instrument sounds lovelier with the addition of your voice. A choir or a combination of voices completes our list of instruments for Christmas. Nothing compares to belting out your favorite Christmas carols as you celebrate this joyful season. 

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