Stuff Every New College Music Student Should Know

Starting music school is an exciting step. It helps to know some of what to expect before starting classes. For new students, these are some valuable tips.
Find Classes That Fit Individual Needs

Many of the best music schools offer free trial lessons for people who are still deciding which instrument to play. There are several things to consider when it comes to classes. However, the most important consideration for many people today is where the classes take place. These are the main options people choose today:

  • Private in-home lessons
  • Skype or video lessons
  • In-school lessons

A good school will offer the versatility of all options for at least some types of instruments. With many people preferring to stay home as much as possible, and because of the convenience of video conference software, working with a music school that offers lessons via video is especially beneficial.

Network With Other Musicians and Students

Fellow students who graduate may go on to work in similar roles, and they may be able to offer job references or referrals. Also, instructors may provide references. To network, try to join social media groups for the school or for music students who are taking similar courses. Talk to people, and stay in touch with them even after graduation. Many people also develop good friendships in music school.

Use an Assignment Tracker To Keep Up

Anyone who is taking more than one music lesson per week can benefit from an assignment tracker or a calendar software program. College students who are taking multiple lessons or have assignments to complete can especially benefit from an app or a program that also has reminders about upcoming deadlines or performances. Going back to the previous point, a calendar app is also useful for setting appointments to meet with other students or musicians for networking purposes. Having multiple responsibilities can be overwhelming. However, a calendar can help students stay organized and avoid the potential negative repercussions of missing assignments or other important events.

Develop Other Useful Skills

One mistake that some music students make is focusing only on music. While it can be easy to fall into this trap while taking a variety of music-focused courses, it is important to work on developing skills that help students effectively use their musical talent in the world. For example, these are some additional skills that music school graduates should have:

  • Time management
  • Verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Organization
  • Business principles
  • Math

The plus side of being a music student is that music training helps boost verbal skills. Today, it also helps to have a second language as a skill. This opens the opportunity to work with or teach more people.

Create More Music has plenty of other valuable resources for new music students to get started on working toward their goals.

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