Rocking Instruments for Middle School Band Beginners & Young Musicians

Have you ever dreamed of rocking out on stage with your friends? Middle school is the perfect time to explore your musical interests and launch your musical journey. Beyond the thrill of performance, playing in a band helps develop valuable skills like teamwork, creative collaboration, and self-expression. It’s a rewarding experience that can build confidence and forge lasting friendships for teens, tweens and those in between. 

Create More Music can guide you to finding the ideal instrument to fit your sound and band aspirations.


Choosing the Right Instrument: Finding Your Perfect Fit

The first step to rocking out with your band is finding the instrument that speaks to you! Here are some things to consider to make the perfect match:

  • Musical Interests: Do you dream of wailing guitar solos or laying down funky bass lines? Perhaps you envision yourself crafting catchy pop melodies or intricate jazz harmonies. Consider your favorite genres of music and the instruments that make them come alive.
  • Physical Attributes: Playing certain instruments requires specific physical attributes. For example, drummers need strong hand-eye coordination and good stamina, while violinists benefit from finger dexterity and a comfortable reach. Think about your body type and any physical limitations that might affect your instrument choice.

The most important factor, however, is finding an instrument that feels natural and enjoyable to play. Don’t be afraid to try out different instruments at a local music store or during a school instrument fitting event. See which one feels comfortable in your hands and allows you to express yourself musically. The best instrument is the one that inspires you to pick it up and play!


Ideal Instruments to Learn for Any Band 

While any instrument can potentially find a place in a band, some shine brighter in a group setting. Guitars provide the foundation and melody, bass lays down the low-end groove, drums keep the beat, and keyboards offer a versatile range of sounds to flesh out the sonic landscape. Finding the perfect band instrument is an exciting adventure! Here’s a look at some popular choices, along with their pros, considerations, and tips for choosing your first one:


Electric Guitar: The All-Around Rockstar

  • Pros: Electric guitars are undeniably cool and versatile. They can be used for a wide range of genres, from classic rock and blues to pop and even some jazz. With a variety of effects pedals, you can create a vast array of sounds.
  • Cons: Learning to play the guitar takes practice to avoid sounding squeaky. Electric guitars also require an amplifier to produce sound, which can be an additional cost.

Choosing Your First Axe: Starter packs often include an electric guitar, amp, cable, and picks. Look for a comfortable guitar with good string height (the distance between the strings and the fretboard). Consider the scale length (distance between the nut and bridge) – shorter scales are better for smaller players. While shopping for a guitar online can be tempting, it is best to buy from a guitar shop where you can hold, feel and hear the sound of each unique guitar. 


I want to learn to play the guitar!


Drums: The Heartbeat of the Band

  • Pros: Drummers are the driving force of the band, laying down the beat that keeps everything moving. Playing drums is a great physical workout and tons of fun.
  • Cons: Drum sets can be loud, making home practice a challenge (consider electronic drum sets for quieter practice). They also take up a lot of space.

Picking Your Perfect Kit: A good beginner drum set typically includes a snare drum, bass drum, toms, cymbals, a hi-hat stand, and a throne. Look for a set with adjustable components to accommodate your growing size. Electronic drum sets offer headphone practice options and a wider range of sounds.


I want to learn to play the drums!


Bass Guitar: Laying Down the Low-End Thunder

  • Pros: Bass guitars are the backbone of the band, providing the low-end rumble that fills out the sound. Bassists play a crucial role in locking in with the drummer to create the groove. The bass guitar can also be surprisingly versatile, with some iconic bassists even playing melodies and solos.
  • Cons: Bass lines can be less flashy than guitar melodies, but they are equally important to the music. Bass guitars tend to be larger than electric guitars, so consider the player’s size for comfort.

Finding Your Low-End Love: Similar to electric guitars, starter packs for bass guitars often include the instrument, amp, cable, and picks. Look for a bass with a comfortable neck and string height. Consider shorter scale-length basses if you have smaller hands.


I want to learn to play the bass!


Keyboard/Synthesizer: A Universe of Sounds at Your Fingertips

  • Pros: Keyboards and synthesizers offer a vast range of sounds, from classic piano tones to futuristic electronic textures. They can play melodies, chords, and even bass lines, making them incredibly versatile in a band setting.
  • Cons: Keyboards and synthesizers can have a steeper learning curve, especially when it comes to music theory. They may also require additional equipment like speakers or amplifiers depending on the model.

Unlocking Your Keyboard Creativity: There are many beginner-friendly keyboards available with features like auto-accompaniment and lighted keys to help you learn. Synths can be more complex, so consider your experience level and musical goals when choosing.


I want to learn to play the keyboard!


Take Music Lessons & Join a Band!

At Create More Music, our passionate instructors will not only teach you the technical skills to master your chosen instrument, but also guide you in music theory and performance techniques. We can even help you connect with other aspiring musicians to form your dream band!

Ready to turn up the volume on your musical dreams? Start a Free Music Lesson Trial with Create More Music today! We offer instrument rentals, personalized lessons for all skill levels, and guidance on forming a band. There’s no better feeling than creating music with friends, so let’s make some noise together!

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