The Power of Music in Uncertain Times

Music is everywhere and we hear it almost every day. In fact, for every relevant situation in our lives, there seems to be music that perfectly fits your feelings. Yes, music can trigger emotional responses even if you don’t want to admit it. For example, there is a song that can remind you about your bad breakup in the past or a song that reminds you how happy you were during your first dance with your husband or wife. Music can transport you to places and events in your not so distant past.
Music is always personal
Music is as old as words and you can hear it almost everywhere – it’s in your phone, radios, televisions, cars and even in stores. Music evokes emotion and makes you feel nostalgic. Music can also set up the right atmosphere when needed. For example, your first date with your special someone can become extra special and memorable when there is sweet music playing in the background. Indeed, music can be personal and it can trigger personal feelings and emotions.

The Healing Power of Music
We have a deep connection with music. It is inside us and hearing it can be good for you. Did you know that there is a study claiming that listening to music can benefit your mental health – especially during these trying times? We all know how stressful the world has been these past few months. People are scared of the unknown and what the future will look like. This pandemic has brought so much negativity and the mental health of people has become a large concern.
The power of music in uncertain times can help people stay positive and keep their sanity intact. Listening to music during this pandemic can help people improve their mood. Listening to your favorite song can make you feel relaxed. There are also types of music that can give you the right motivation to do your task. When you listen to this music, you seem to be inspired you can temporarily forget about the threat the world is facing today. Music is a form of escape and can give you a relief from the stress of life.
You can also get several potential health benefits from music including:

  • Reducing pain and anxiety

Listening to calm and relaxing music can help reduce pain and increase functional mobility. Researchers believe that listening to music can boost the release of opioids in the human brain – the body’s natural pain reliever.

  • Music improves memory

It’s weird how patients with memory loss can remember songs and song lyrics.  When you want to remember something from the past, listening to a song that you listened to during that time can trigger those memories. 

Music makes life better!
We have been listening to music since time immemorial. From listening to your mother’s heartbeat and breathing rhythms to listening to your favorite workout music, music has become an important part of life. During this crisis, music can help ease our anxiety and keeps us hopeful that one day, everything will be over. 

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