Natural Sound vs Synthesized Sound


Sound is all around us. Sometimes, we love it but there are also times when we get annoyed with it. Sound is an important means of communication. For us, sounds allow us to hear and speak, when to be alert and to protect ourselves. One of the greatest joys comes from the sounds of music. 

The Importance of Sounds
People tend to disregard sounds because we hear it every day – even when we sleep. Sounds, though a common occurrence, is considered to be one of the most important things that are essential for our wellbeing and survival. Apart from sounds paving way for communication; it is also used to create music.
We enjoy listening to music all the time. For thousands of years, it has been used to entertain and convey messages. While music relies on frequencies and pitches, the sound is the basic component of music. When there is no sound, there is no music at all. Therefore, music is made up of sounds. 

Types of sounds
Generally, there are 2 types of sounds that create music – natural sounds and synthesized sound. How do these two complement each other? What are their differences? Which is better? Here is an introduction to natural sound vs. synthesized sound.

Natural Sound
Natural sound is the sound that surrounds you. Natural sounds can come from different sources. Example of natural sounds includes clapping, ringing of a bell, the sound of a person breathing, sounds made by animals, and many others. When natural sound is used in music, it isn’t just a single sound but a combination of every sound necessary to create richness and texture to the music. A natural sound becomes a noise when you don’t want to hear it. Noise is described as a sound that interferes with an individual’s listening experience. 

Synthesized sound
A synthesized sound is a sound produced using electronic hardware or software. Called as sound synthesis, this process is typically used for creating music where a synthesizer is used during the performance and when recording the music. Synthesized sound is an artificial sound, but it can mimic any type of sound – it can be both familiar sound or otherworldly. Thanks to synthesizers, it can create something new by manipulating and combining sounds. 
There is no competition between natural sound and synthesized sound because both are important in creating music. Knowing the difference between these two sounds is also important as it can help you understand sounds and music better, especially if you are trying to make music from scratch. 

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