Music of the 50s

In the 1950s, music experienced changes that echoed traditional and other modifications. The 50’s music still held to the societal norms of the decade. The music created back in the day was quite influential and reflected tensions such as racial tensions in the United States. This saw many artists rise to popularity.


Music that dominated in the 1950s includes;


Rock and Roll


The inception of rock and roll dominated the music of the 50s. Rock and roll is a style that associates elements of other types of music such as blues, pop, and rhythm & blues. Rock and roll grew popular in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago, where white and black teens often listened to stations that played Rock and roll.
Rock and roll aided in breaking down some of the biases aimed at African Americans contributing to Civil Rights Movements. It also changed teenage behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles, and fashion. The first Rock and roll recorded are considered to be the ‘Rocket 88’, which Jack Breston and His Delta Cats did.


Classic Pop


Traditional pop was easy to listen to and sweet to the ears in that it entailed classical pieces and emphasized majorly on the melody. Pop music was popular before Rock and roll became popular in the 50s.

Traditional pop musicians were quite famous since some had television shows, and most Americans owned a television. Examples of such artists are Nat King Cole, Perry Como, and Dean Martin. Pop music was influenced by African American styles such as rhythm and blues, gospel, and soul music.


Country Music


Country music originated with American folk music, blues, and church music. Country music encompasses western music. Country music benefited commercially as a result of the postwar prosperity in America. Country music is unique because it is based on stringed instruments like the guitar and banjo.
Country music singers in the ’50s include Bill Monroe, Glen Campbell, Hank Williams, and Patsy Cline. Country music was associated with grit and independence since the singers sang of how they overcame enmity through drinking and even fighting.


Rhythm and Blues


Rhythm and Blues were created for and by the African Americans. It entailed heartfelt singing and heavy backbeats. Rhythm and Blues were instrumental in the cultural change as most artists drifted from blues and gospel into the pop-influenced music style. Some notable artists of the 50s include Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown.
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