How To Pick the Right Instrument for You


Believe it or not, finding the right instrument for you to play is not as difficult as you would think. Look and watch over your favorite bands to see which instrument struck out the most to you. Did you enjoy the incredible guitar solos from one of your most favorite song by your favorite artist? Did you happen to enjoy the bass and its subtitles, despite how much it truly brought to the song? Here is a comprehensive list on what instrument might best speak to your soul

The Guitar

These days, everyone wants to be a rock n’ roll musician and where better else to start with the guitar? Your teacher might start with the basics, such as the power chords. Then you’ll advance to the actual chords and how to play them on various frets. You’ll be pumped to learn the major and minor chords. Did you know most of the best songs out there are played with just a few guitar chords? However, you will need to learn finger exercise strength, so do not by any means ignore them. With your guitar teacher by your side, you’ll be able to learn whatever you want, so long as you dedicate yourself!

The Bass

Much like its guitar counterpart, you’ll be in charge of keeping the song running smoothly to give it a sense of harmonic rhythm. The difference is that the bass mostly comes in four strings, so you will have to make it work so it sounds perfect behind the guitar if you ever start a band. However, there have been plenty of bass songs (such as “Hey Joe”) or anything by Flea that literally plays itself. Also, if you can learn how to play bass and sing, you’ll be considered a prodigy as it is difficult to do at once.

The Drums

Now, the drums are an excellent instrument because truthfully, drums give music the extra bump. If you choose the drums, you’re going to keep the band in order and ensure that they aren’t missing a beat. The drums/percussion section helps keep time in an ensemble. You will enhance your rhythm and tempo skills by learning how to recognize music speed while playing, which is a major factor in being a drummer. Being a drummer is all about micro-time. Once you have that down, you’ll be golden with staying on beat. Plus, you’ll make some awesome exercise if you keep up with it!

The Piano

Believe it or not, the piano will take you very far places in your music, even if it’s an electronic keyboard. Where else would the doors be without it? It’s also a very upbeat piece that can tell a story in a thousand notes. The piano is the instrument that most young kids start off playing. It is a great first instrument to start with for many reasons. One being that the piano is very versatile, it gives you a chance to grow and enhance your skills into much more complex pieces over time. You won’t ever feel capped off since there is so much opportunity to learn and grow only to become a better pianist. Never disregard the beauty of a piano or keyboard!

No matter what instrument you choose, you can also switch to another one! That is the beauty of music, if you don’t feel comfortable with one instrument, there is always such a plentiful amount to try. So make sure you go to a reputable instrument tutoring and teaching school to get the results you deserve!

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