How To Create A Song


A common struggle for many new musicians is how to write their own music. We all start by learning the basics of chords and structure and other people’s songs, but at a certain point any musician will want to start getting creative with their own original songs. While the first few songs written may not be instant hits, the important part is the starting. That may sound like a daunting task for brand new song-writers, but worry not! There are tons of resources out there to assist in feeling much more confident, including this short guide that may ease a bit of stress.

The following are some of the basic steps to follow when writing a song:

– Find inspiration in your life or in something that you’re passionate about. If you have a personal investment in your song it will be a much more fluid process and it will be more fun!
– Brainstorm ideas on paper. Think of something you’d like to write about and start to jot down phrases or words you’d want to include in the song. This will make the entire lyric writing process much easier later.
– Brainstorm a title. Based on a few of the key phrases you’ve written down, try to let a title naturally come to mind. If you’re able to think of one, it may help in the further development of your song. The title will give the song focus and a solidified direction to go in. However, if you can’t think of one don’t stress over it and don’t get hung up on it! Over the course of writing one will come to you, as if it was there all along.
– Start to develop your chord progression. Do you want your song to sound happy or hopeful? Use major chords. Melancholy or describing a tough experience? Make sure your chords match those emotions you want to convey.
– Hum out a few potential melodies. This will help you further develop chord progression and structure to your song for the verses and choruses.
– Try to match your brainstormed lyrics to it. Which parts more so convey the overall message and emotions? Make those the chorus. Progression of the story? Definitely put those parts in the verses.
– Make the chorus answer the question of the verse or solidify the feelings you laid down in the verse. Continue this method for the second verse and chorus.
– Practice! Practice whatever you initially create over and over again. This will help you hear the imperfections and allow you to come up with any changes you might feel more confident about.
– Don’t judge yourself too harshly. Even famous songwriters write songs they don’t like occasionally. Not everything can be made into gold. The overall creation is the most important part, and you’ll only get better as you practice!
– Record yourself so you can go back and listen again later!

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