Healthy Practice Habits

Music students that wish to excel must develop healthy practice habits that will help them to achieve their goals. To consistently improve here are some habits that can help you to have a successful career in music.

Explore Styles And Practice Early
Good practice habits should start with beginning students who are enthusiastic about learning to play their instrument and will go a long way toward instilling a lifetime love for music. First-year music students should be encouraged to explore various styles of music to find out what appeals to them. At this stage, students should be encouraged but not forced, to practice. If practice sessions can be held early in the day, it becomes a priority. For younger students, 15-minutes of practice a day can make a huge difference in the student’s progress.  Early practice sessions are ideal for college students before the day is taken up with other obligations. Practicing early in the morning is beneficial when you can focus easier and helps to develop healthy sleep habits. 

Make Notes
Don’t be afraid to make notations in your music book. Serious music students make notations on the pieces in their in their repertoire to help with technical issues. Making notes and going over those pieces frequently is a good way to get to know your music and perfect it.

Have Diverse Experiences
Diversify your music experience. Some students want to play in every ensemble and spread themselves way too thin. However, it’s a good idea to have different experiences. For example, one music teacher says his best woodwind students play in jazz bands, chamber groups, or sing in choirs. Some even gain experience on a second instrument. These students play or sing in local groups or at churches.

Academics Are Essential
Take your education seriously. The most successful music students are disciplined, have a positive attitude about life, and are organized. The students that have the most successful careers in music are those who have recitals that are a big success, sit first chair in ensemble groups, and practice as much as possible.

Practice During Breaks
When there’s a break from school for vacations or long weekends, some students take that as a sign that they don’t have to practice. The most successful students practice on the same schedule they would if school was in session. Students that excel will re-schedule lessons to make sure they don’t fall behind.  Consistency is the key to excelling on any instrument.

Be Respectful Of Those Around You
Always show respect. The most successful music students show respect for those around them not only by the way they speak but by their actions. They have learned to be successful they must listen and follow instructions in music and academic classes. They show respect for their instructors, their peers, people in the community and their audience.

Follow these healthy habits when practicing to consistently improve, be successful when performing, and reach your goals, whether it’s to be able to play as a hobby or to have a successful musical career.

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