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A career in music seems to be a very passionate, adoring and loving career. No wonder why lots of people are wishing to join the music industry where they can not only show their passion for music but their talent as well. However, the music industry is not that easy to penetrate because this industry is known for being a competitive job market and it can be difficult to know what kind of opportunities are available. More so, launching into a career in the music industry today seems to be more complicated because of the internet and social media. Therefore, before thinking of joining the music industry, get to know the 5 categories in music which are:

  1. Performing and Creating

Songwriting or a songwriter is someone who writes songs for themselves, for other artists, or for business purposes. Usually, a songwriter possesses lyric writing skills and is capable of matching words, ideas, emotions, and concepts to rhythms, chords, and melodies. Session musicians, on the other hand, are those people who are paid to play their instruments on a case by case or session basis. This kind of musicians can be hired to perform in a live environment and must possess a high degree of musical prowess. They also hold a bachelor’s degree related to music. And lastly, composers are someone who writes sheet music for orchestral arrangement.  

  1. Recording and Producing

Recording and producing careers include the recording engineer and music producer. Recording engineers work with the artist in the studio. They are experts on how to use recording equipment as well as using the proper techniques required to capture and record high-quality sound while music producers are those who managed the recording, writing, editing, and mixing of an artist track or album. In order to become a great music producer, one must need to build a reputation as someone capable of creating great sounding records.

  1. Music business jobs

Careers in this category include A&R or artist and repertoire, artist management, and music publishers. A&R representatives, also known as the talent scouts, work for record labels to find and bring on new talent. These people spend most of their time visiting local music festivals to discover fresh talents. Artist managers, on the other hand, are those behind the scenes liaison officers. Their responsibilities include but not limited to the contracts, projects and all other engagements of their talents. Music publishers ensure that artist gets paid whenever their music is used in the media, movies, commercials, radio, video games and any other form of broadcasting.

  1. Music media jobs 

The world is hungry for unending content about music. Music media jobs include those jobs in social media like YouTube, blogs, TV shows as well as any other things uploaded and seen in social media. 

  1. Music education and music therapy

Music education is a very rewarding work where you get a chance to teach and share your talents to aspiring musicians. You help young talents to improve their skills in music, and eventually, land a musical career. Another equally rewarding work is music therapy wherein you get to help those people with problems and assist them in improving their lives through music.

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