10 Must-Have Music Apps

Technology and musicians go together like guitars and amplifiers. Smartphone, tablet, and PC applications and software have drastically changed the ways that music is taught, learned, produced, created, recorded, played, shared, listened to, and even performed. Like every other aspect of the modern world, creative endeavors, like music, have never been easier to start and continue. Musicians now have the power of an entire, professional studio at their fingertips, with applications installed on their smartphones. The following are 10 must-have music apps.

1. Garageband

Garageband is a classic. Since its origination on Apple Mac computers, Garageband has been a go-to for music producers and anyone who wishes to record or create their music with professional quality sound. This application has aged quite well over the years and is now available on a wide array of devices, including iPads. Garageband features a full arsenal of virtual instruments as well as useful options for recorded and playback.

2. Skype

While Skype is primarily a social application, musicians have been using it to connect and play with one another for years. On Skype, you can easily collaborate with fellow musicians and even record your virtual sessions.

3. Soundcloud

No musician can be found without a proper presence on the internet, especially today. Soundcloud allows music creators of all genres and walks of life to upload their music for the world to hear.

4. Guitar Toolkit

Every guitarist needs a personal rig, especially one that is easily accessible for those late-night writing sessions. Don’t fret over forgetting riffs while you untangle a mess of cords and tweak your amplifier settings. Guitar Toolkit includes a full, virtual amp with a variety of settings. Simply plug your guitar into your phone or tablet with one cord and you’ll be rocking the night away.

5. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder

Sometimes our devices’ built-in microphones aren’t enough to record quality music with. The Hi-Q MP3 Recorder meets all your needs when it comes to recorded audio, and, unlike many sound recording applications, it automatically converts your recordings into MP3s.

6. Metronome Beats

Even virtuosos need help keeping on track from time to time. Having a virtual metronome within reach is always a good idea. Never lose time or a beat again with Metronome Beats installed on your device.

7. MuseScore

MuseScore features tons of sheet music. Simply swipe left or right to flip between pages. It even features a black sheet option for writing your own music.

8. Perfect Ear

Not every musician is naturally able to learn or recognize certain pieces of music by ear. However, the Perfect Ear app will train you to play by ear.

9. Yousician

Yousician is one of the most reputable applications for learning nearly any instrument. With videos and tutorials in abundance, you can pick up the guitar, bass, piano, and more in an instant.

10. Spotify

Any music creator is nothing without their influences. Likewise, finding new music is important for generating fresh ideas of your own. Spotify is one of the best apps for discovering and listening to new music, as well as all your old favorites in one place.

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