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Create More Music helps teachers build a more successful teaching practice with professional benefits, multi-sourced work and growth opportunities, and key administrative support.

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Upcoming Master Classes

06 Jun
06:00 – 06:50 PM ET
| 06/06/2023

Learn Easy Modern Bass Lines

Learn the rockin’ Bass parts for pop, rock, and funk tunes! Dive into slap bass and various techniques you find in modern bass lines!
08 Jun
06:00 – 06:50 PM ET
| 08/06/2023

Common Chord Progressions In Popular Songs

Learn the most common chord progressions found in all styles of music, and master the building blocks that go into playing songs you love!
12 Jun
05:30 – 06:20 PM ET
| 12/06/2023

Music Production And Making Beats

Learn how to produce and make killer beats, and build fundamental skills with production software to help you edit, arrange and write songs!

Increase in IQ points

Overall Higher Test Scores

Show better patience

Build better self-awareness

Build better prioritization skills

Are more self-motivated

Build self-confidence

Learning music is a perfect way to build confidence by overcoming challenges and reaching goals.

Improve communication skills

Music is a language and requires listening, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, and using vocabulary.

Sharpen mental acuity

Playing music uses key brain functions, keeps us mentally sharp, and works our mind like a muscle.

Delay cognitive decline

Music has been proven to help us maintain peak mental sharpness and delay cognitive decline.

Make friends

Playing music is a great way to make friends, play together, and get to know like minded people.

Have fun!

Playing music releases chemicals in the brain that make us happy! Have fun and play the songs you love.

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